Who investigates a nursing home abuse case?


Cases of nursing home neglect and abuse in Georgia are investigated by a few different agencies and departments.

Where there is severe abuse or neglect, the local police may choose to investigate and make arrests. The local district attorney may prosecute individuals where criminal charges are made.

The primary agency responsible for investigating nursing home neglect and abuse is the Georgia Department of Community Health, or simply “DCH.” Investigators with the DCH travel to the facility, interview personnel, residents, and others in order to determine whether abuse or neglect has occurred. If, after investigating, the DCH determines that violations of the law have occurred, then the facility will be cited, and if possible, prosecuted by the district attorney’s office, or in grave cases, shut down.

If allegations of neglect or abuse are not substantiated, then the DCH will work with your loved one to determine whether remaining in that facility is the best option moving forward.

The DCH may be reached at -800-878-6442. You may also file a complaint against the facility online, at dch.georgia.gov.

Also, the office of the Georgia Long Term Care Ombudsman conducts investigations of nursing home abuse. The Ombudsman office maintains statistics on nursing home citations, violations, and investigations, and is an excellent resource for the community. You can reach the Georgia Long Term Care Ombudsman at 888-454-5826.

If you suspect that your loved one is being neglected or abused at a Georgia nursing home or assisted living facility, then you have several options, depending on the severity of the situation. However, it is very important that you call and speak to one of our experienced Atlanta nursing home abuse lawyers today.