What is the Georgia Long Term Ombudsman Program?


The Georgia Long Term Ombudsman Program is an organization governed by the Older Americans Act and Georgia Law, for the purpose of advocating for the health and well-being of residents in long-term care facilities.

The facilities protected by the Ombudsman Program include nursing homes, care facilities for the mentally disabled, or assisted living centers. Program members provide education about long-term care, investigate reports of unfair treatment against residents, and promote for needed change once a problem has been identified. The main objective of the Ombudsman Program is to improve the lives of all residents in long-term care facilities.

There are many services provided by the Ombudsman program. Members will frequently pay a visit to care facilities with the intent of monitoring living conditions. Ombudsmen meet with advisory councils to enhance certain aspects of the program or resolve long-term concerns. During resident or family council meetings, Ombudsmen will work as speakers or a resource person. At times members will work with law enforcement, policymakers, and social services to assist in improving living conditions.

Ombudsmen work to build relationships with residents of care facilities. By building strong relationships, residents will be more likely to be open and honest about any concerns in the facility. The Georgia Long Term Ombudsman Program is funded by federal state dollars.

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