Do Georgia nursing homes have to prevent all falls?


No nursing home can prevent every fall at their facility.

Statistically, falls are very common among senior citizens. In fact, studies show that one third of adults over 64 years fall each year. Because of general declining health, nursing home residents are almost three times more likely to fall than senior citizens living in private residences.

In one study of one 100-bed facility, was between 100-200 falls each year. Among those falls, several involved multiple incidents with the same person.

As such, no nursing home will be able to prevent all falls, but there are many steps that can be taken that will reduce the risk and the number of injuries.

For example, fall risk assesments should be performed on all residents. In these assessments, risk factors are assigned a value, and a high number will mean that the nursing home must more closely monitor that resident, and coordinate daily activities accordingly.

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