Schenk Law is an Atlanta nursing home neglect and abuse law firm founded by trial lawyer Rob Schenk.

Why do you focus on nursing home abuse and neglect?

Why do you focus on nursing home abuse and neglect?

We focus our practice on nursing home injuries because that is what we are most passionate about. We have seen, from our own personal experience, the systematic problems with nursing homes. Prior to becoming an attorney, founding partner Will Smith worked as a certified nursing assistant for nearly a decade in several long term care facilities across Georgia. That perspective pushes us every day.

Many personal injury attorneys dabble in many areas: slip and falls, food poisoning, negligent security, and more. However, laws change, strategies shift, and defense attorneys get wise. Lawyers that “do it all” are often disadvantaged because it is not possible to effectively evolve in multiple practice areas. With us, you get the comfort of knowing that we do not take everything that walks in the door and that we are highly experienced in one discipline.

What does it mean for my loved one if I hire you?

If your loved one has been gravely injured or passed away in a nursing home, you will experience anger, confusion, and sadness. Sometimes all at once.

You will have many questions. What do I do next? Is the nursing home responsible? Should I speak with the nursing home staff?

To hire us means that you will have answers to your questions. You will have peace of mind knowing that there are people working on behalf of your loved one. You will be able to concentrate on your family.

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What does it mean for my loved one if I hire you?

What makes you different from other law firms?

We are not like other law firms.

The law firms that you see advertised on television or billboards operate on a high volume of cases. Their business model requires hundreds and thousands of cases to settle quickly. This practice is great for the law firm, but often is bad for the client.

We do not take every case that walks in the door. We do not handle hundreds of cases at once.

However, we can name all of our clients, and their family members, off the top of our heads. We learn about what each client wants to achieve, and then work to implement those goals. We strive to achieve the highest value for the claim. While we hope that our cases can settle quickly, we do not take anything less than the best for our clients.

Our passion for this area of the law shows in what our clients say about us.

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How do you approach cases?

How do you approach cases?

Unlike many “settlement mill” law firms you see on TV, we are first and foremost trial attorneys. This means that unless you receive a fair offer, our goal will be to let a jury hear your case. We only settle cases if it is in our client’s best interest.

Our approach is to achieve the most profitable result for our clients under the law.

We also understand that we are in a professional service industry. We do not disappear. Our clients have our cell phone numbers. We respond to texts. In other words, our clients speak directly to our attorneys, not to a manager or paralegal. We get to know you. You get to know us. That is true advocacy.

How do you approach cases?
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Why can I trust you?

One of the best reasons to trust us is that we do not take every case that walks in our door. In fact, while we review dozens of cases a week, we actually take on a very small percentage of clients. Unlike the law firms you see on TV, our firm does not run on ‘high volume.’ The end result is that we will always be up front with you, and treat you with honesty and respect.

Why did you decide to practice law?

Founding attorneys Rob Schenk and Will Smith both got into law so that they could help people navigate the justice system. Most people that know us can tell you that first and foremost, we love to argue and perform. Those two qualities are at the core of who we are as people.

We utilize that skillset in order to advocate on behalf of injured and victimized people. Folks that have been told “no,” “we don’t believe that happened to your loved one,” or “that’s not my problem.” Folks that cannot speak for themselves.

Do you receive continuing legal education to stay current on the law?

All lawyers in the State of Georgia are required to attend twelve hours of continuing legal education per year. We not only fulfill this requirement, but we concentrate our education in personal injury trial law.

Also, we are on the forefront of educating the community regarding nursing home abuse and neglect. Rob Schenk and Will Smith host the Nursing Home Abuse Podcast, a weekly video podcast aimed at educating families of loved ones who have been injured in a long term care facility.

Often, we sit on panels or host educational seminars directed to other attorneys regarding legal practice, trial practice, and nursing home abuse law.

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