Worker Stands Accused of Elder Abuse

When our parents and grandparents are unable to care for themselves, we sometimes allow them to move in with family who can look after them. That is not always an option for some, so nursing and assisted living homes are sought out to care for our elders. It is of great concern when there are reports of abuse and neglect in some of these facilities.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, an elderly woman was reported to have begged her children to remove her from an assisted living facility where she was allegedly being abused. The assisted living facility was located in Gaines Township.

There, a 21-year old worker stands accused of elder abuse. Reports allege that he targeted the elderly woman with soakings and shoe throwing. The victim’s son stated that his mother was scared and no longer wanted to remain at the facility. The trial for the charges got underway on Monday. If convicted, Malone faces up to four years in prison.

The Kent County Prosecutor’s office has charged Tyler Lawrence Malone with second degree vulnerable elder abuse and stalking stemming from the victim’s complaints. Malone was a resident assistant at the facility at the time when the alleged abuse occurred.

The victim began to call her sons’ more often, begging to be removed from the facility. She had been placed there in 2013 after being unable to cook for herself. Starting in late spring of 2014, she began contacting her children and begging them to come and get her. She was finally removed from the facility in late summer of 2014.

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