Nursing Staff Gives Man a Fatal Dose of Morphine

Nursing homes are supposed to provide quality care for loved ones that can no longer take care of themselves. Some facilities fail to follow through. Many residents have died at the hands of negligent nursing homes. It is very important that the history of a nursing home and its parent company are studied before purchasing their services.

Here’s an example of when things go wrong. A man was in a nursing home since he needed regular dialysis treatments and had suffered from strokes. According to the report, a nurse accidentally gave the man morphine. He immediately knew something was wrong and tried to alert the staff, but was soon overcome by the drug. The man’s room-mate tried to get the staff to do something but they ignored his requests. Eventually, he called an ambulance himself.

The report alleges that the nursing home waved off the ambulance and then tried to move the room-mate to another room. It was only after 24 hours after the dose was given that the nursing home did call an ambulance of their own. By the time the man got to the hospital he was dead.

Now the family members are suing the nursing home for what they believe is a cover-up of the error made by the nurse. They also state that their loved one fell many times under their care and had lost 30 pounds.

If you believe your loved one is suffering abuse at the hands of a nursing home, you need to fight back hard. Many nursing homes will make it difficult to move someone from their care. Before things get any worse, contact a skilled nursing home malpractice attorney like the ones at Schenk Law Trial Attorneys.