Make Sure you can Document your Case

If you are thinking of filing a case against a nursing home for abuse, it is important that you have documentation of what happened. It is all too easy to let emotions about a loved one cloud good judgement. We may not like to face this fact, but everyone will die one day even with the finest medical care in the world.

In Florida, a nursing home is under investigation by the state after friends and family of a 91-year-old man who died there made a report. One of the man’s friends was a frequent visitor to the man. By her account the care he was receiving appeared to be fine, but she told investigators and the media that he didn’t like the nursing home. On a day when she didn’t visit, the man died. The man was well-regarded by his friends and family and they want to know what happened.

The nursing home has stated that they had no wrong-doing in the case and had already been cleared of wrong-doing by one of the investigative entities.

It is normal for loved ones to know what happened in the death of a loved one in a nursing home, but calling for a state investigation or filing a lawsuit may be an unnecessary step without sufficient evidence. However, a consultation with a personal injury lawyer with experience in nursing home abuse can help you decide whether it might be necessary. If you feel your loved one was a victim of nursing home abuse, contact Schenk Smith Trial Attorneys.