Liposuction Patient Sues Doctor for Alleged Infection

One of the biggest risks of surgery is infection. Opening the body up always poses a risk for bacteria to enter the body and cause extensive damage or even death. Surgeons must take great care not to infect the patient. Quality aftercare is essential.

That’s what one patient alleges didn’t happen after she had liposuction. She underwent bilateral plank liposuction in 2006. She is alleging that her aftercare was poorly manage. This could have been done either by the clinic or possibly from a home healthcare professional. She alleges that the symptoms she had were indications that she had an infection and that they should have investigated further.

All patients should advocate for their rights if they feel something is wrong with their healthcare. If the doctor’s won’t listen, you can seek out a patient advocate or get a second opinion. But if your health care providers injure you because they won’t help you, then you may be eligible for compensation.

If you live in Atlanta or Tennessee, the firm to seek is Schenk Smith Trial Attorneys. Our goal is not to reach a settlement, but to take your case to a full trial so you get the full compensation that you deserve. We only settle if it is in the best interests of the client.