Witness Dies in Elder Abuse Case

We try to select those who care for our elderly loved ones carefully.  Unfortunately, even being selective and careful cannot prevent all instances of elder abuse.  According to some statistics, elder abuse is on the rise.  

A woman who testified against her caretaker in an elder abuse case passed away Friday, May 27.  

92-year-old Marian Kubic testified on Thursday against her 66-year-old caretaker William Sutton.  Sutton was accused of attacking Kubic’s friend, 98-year-old Margaret Wood.

Lisa Wood, Margaret Wood’s grandaughter-in-law told police that she had found a video recorded on April 16.  The video shows Sutton, Kubic’s caretaker, shoving Wood through Kubic’s screen door.   

Wood’s family members said that she was pushed hard enough that she landed head first three steps below on the concrete porch.  According to relatives, Wood is now relegated to a wheelchair.

After being arrested, Sutton was able to post bail and was released from police custody.  He was ordered to stay away from both families.  Sutton is due back in court on June 10th to face arraignment in Superior Court.  

Kubic’s family contend that the case ultimately played a factor in the woman’s death.  Her daughter believes that the trauma of witnessing Sutton’s attack on her friend is what killed her mother.

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