Why choose Schenk Smith as your Atlanta nursing home lawyers?

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I think it boils down to three main reasons why you should choose Schenk Smith as your law firm, versus any other Atlanta nursing home neglect and abuse lawyers.

One, I have a vast amount of experience not only as an attorney litigating nursing home cases, but also working in nursing homes as a certified nursing assistant. My father was a nurse in nursing homes for over 15 years, my brother has worked in nursing homes, and I did it for almost a decade. This knowledge is extremely important and I bring it with me to every single case that I litigate.

This leads me to my second point, and that is Schenk Smith actually takes nursing home neglect and abuse cases to trial. Nursing home cases are complex and dynamic. They are not like other personal injury cases. They require a lot of knowledge and understanding of not only the law surrounding nursing homes, but also the types of information that you would be looking for in an Atlanta nursing home case.

And not but certainly not least, we take cases to trial. This is extremely important. The insurance companies know that we will go to verdict if we do not get a settlement offer that we like.

So when you look at all these reasons put together, Schenk Smith is a very good choice for people who have a loved one in a nursing home, who has either died or been injured due to neglect or abuse.