Ways to Protect Seniors from Falls

Seniors are more at risk from falls than the general population at large. These falls can be devastating as well. According to the CDC, at least 250,000 older Americans are hospitalized each year for hip fractures.

However, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of a senior loved one falling:

  1. Clear the floor – remove small furniture, throw rugs, pet toys and gear, along with electrical cords. Clean up spills promptly. Use nonslip adhesive tape on stairs and nonskid mats or appliques in the tub and shower to make surfaces less hazardous.
  2. Iced over sidewalks, snow packed on stairs and slick curbs can be a hazard at any age. Seniors are even more vulnerable. Avoid going out on snow or ice alone if possible, or ask someone to spread salt on icy surfaces.
  3. Proper lighting can go a long way towards preventing falls. Have light switches by the entrances to all halls and rooms. Fixtures with at least two bulbs in all vital areas like bathrooms and exits. Make sure that switches are easily accessible.
  4. Build balance – Soft Yoga is a great way for seniors to improve their balance, prevent falls, and even improve mood. Two other fitness regimens also build balance: Pilates and Tai Chi.
  5. Get eyesight checked regularly – Reduced vision can naturally increase the risk of falls. Getting regular vision exams and having glasses in the correct strength prescription can help to decrease the chances of a fall.

These are just a few of many tips that can help to reduce a beloved elder’s risk of falling.

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