Wandering Resident Evades Even Police

People with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other degenerative diseases may try to wander around. Wandering can put them at great risk because they are unaware of their surroundings. Residents with these conditions are placed into special wards with extra security, but sometimes they escape anyway.

Nursing homes should do more than just prevent escapes. They should know where their residents are at all times. That could have prevented a false alarm that happened at one nursing home. A resident was reported to be missing one afternoon. Staff and police officers searched the area but couldn’t find her. The next morning, they did find her in an electrical closet in a region that was already searched.

Police think she was roaming around the building and everyone kept missing her. The resident did have an alert system but it was never activated.

After such a situation, a family might wonder if this was a one-off thing, or if there is a pattern of neglect. It’s a fair question. Family members must keep track of what is going on at a nursing home and speak with their relative to get a clear picture. Ask questions and keep your eyes and ears open. Most nursing homes are very good about taking care of their residents, but it is far too easy to hide elder abuse.

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