Trump to Continue Cracking Down on Nursing Home Fraud

Fraud is big business within the skilled nursing sector. Former President Obama’s administration put some key plans into place to combat this kind of fraud. These plans are expected to continue under Trump’s new administration.

The plans that Trump’s administration is likely to preserve is the use of data analysis in fraud investigations and the Yates plan to prosecute more individuals.

The new attorney general nominee, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-AL, is a former prosecutor who has shown to be tough on white-collar crime.

The administration will likely keep up its efforts to combat fraud in post-acute care settings such as nursing homes. These efforts are likely to include the Department of Justice’s regional nursing home task forces. These task forces were launched last year to target facilities that are “grossly substandard.”

Pharmaceutical and medical device industries will not be left out of the scrutiny. They, too, will continue to receive Department of Justice scrutiny.

Though there is expected to be a continued focus on healthcare fraud, the new administration’s rocky transition may open a temporary enforcement gap.

Even with the transition from the Obama administration to the Trump administration, healthcare fraud is still expected to be a primary focus. As our population ages, we have more and more citizens in skilled nursing facilities who can become victims of fraud. Protecting them should be a priority of any administration.

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