Time Share Company Charged with Elder Abuse

Louis Wolff, 81, claims in court documents that Diamond Resorts International defrauded him of $50,000 and keeps trying to get more money.

Wolff claims that Diamond Resorts and six affiliates utilized high pressure sales tactics in which they opened credit cards in his name. He then claims that they ran up charges on the cards before he was aware that they existed. Wolff claims that the company charged him more than $50,000 in ‘membership services.’

Wolff filed the lawsuit on March 8th in Superior Court. Court documents from the plaintiff claim that the abusive sales pitches, which occurred over the phone and in person, could last from four to five hours. Even after getting $50,000 from him, Diamond Resorts continued to try and get him to upgrade his membership.

This isn’t the first time that Diamond Resorts, International has been accused of such practices. One 77-year old California woman told a reporter that after a 5-hour long “hard sell” that left her “shaking” she was issued a voided receipt for $4,840 charged to her credit card. The salesperson had been so certain she would agree that they pre-charged her credit card.

A New York Times article references two other similar lawsuits against Diamond Resorts, International. One in Florida and one in California.

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