Suit Claims $2 Million Stolen by Nursing Home Staff in Miami-Dade

Financial abuse is one of the many kinds of abuse that the elderly can suffer at the hands of caretakers.  This kind of abuse can range from simply conning an elderly person out of money or it can be outright theft from the elderly person.  When these actions take place in care facilities, they can be held responsible for the actions of their staff members.

In the span of more than five years, Avigdor Ziskin was bilked out of more than $2 million of his net worth by staff members of a Miami-Dade nursing home.  This is the claim an attorney representing the man’s son has made in a lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Cour.

Zachary Ziskin and his attorneys allege that Regents Park at Aventura failed to ensure proper screening of staff members and this led to the multiple thefts.

The team of attorneys representing Ziskin detailed the man’s time at the home and how the thefts were perpetrated in a 19-page court document.

The attorneys wrote: “Oftentimes, these individuals would write out checks to themselves, or to other people from Victor’s checking accounts and would force Victor to place his signature on the checks, or they would simply forge Victor’s signature completely,”

It was unclear if anyone had been charged individually in the thefts.  Miami-Dade police confirmed that there were no active cases of a financial crime involving Ziskin.

Ziskin, 79, is a former concert pianist and lived at the home from 2009 until 2015.   He had been transferred to the home after being seriously injured in an accident.  He was there for rehabilitation.  Soon after his arrival, he became confined to bed.  He also learned that his long term “life partner” had been diagnosed with cancer.  The subsequent loss of that partner caused Ziskin to become depressed and vulnerable. The suit claims that employees charged with caring for Ziskin took advantage of this.

Zachary Ziskin became his father’s guardian in 2015 after learning of what was happening to him.  He also reported the abuse to the Department of Family and Children’s Services.

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