Study Shows Facial Injuries Common in Nursing Homes

According to a report by Fox News, facial injuries are common in nursing homes. The majority of these injuries are caused when the resident slips and falls. The Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit conducted a study where the research team determined the number and cause of facial injuries among elderly nursing home residents. The results were surprising. The team found that between 2011 and 2015 109,795 aged 60 and up who also lived in nursing homes required emergency treatment for facial injuries.

Of those, half were over age 84 and more than half – 65% were women. Deep cuts and skin tears were the most common type of injury, with 44% of those studied suffering those kinds of injuries. Fractures accounted for a further 13% of injuries.

These types of wounds among the elderly are concerning because they can affect important functions such as eating and sight.

More than half of the injuries were the result of falling and hitting a hard surface like floors, countertops, doors or cabinets. Many of these falls took place while getting in and out of bed.

Last year alone, more than 20,000 seniors staying in nursing homes were the victims of injuries to their face.

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