Staff Buying Residents Food from their Own Pockets at one Nursing Home

A nursing home facing numerous financial problems saw its staff dipping into their own pockets to buy food for the residents. The home was part of a group that was in rapid financial free-fall, its owner facing numerous lawsuits over unpaid debt and criminal domestic violence charges.

Benchmark Healthcare Nursing Home on Highway TT in Festus, Missouri had become a dirty and dangerous place for its residents. Phones had been shut off. Food deliveries had ceased to come. The facility was infested with flies.

Staff at the home were seeing their paychecks bounce. They were dipping into their own pockets to go on grocery runs.

Residents complained to health inspectors that they were hungry. A July visit from a health inspector found a Benchmark staff member making a smoothie from seven pieces of dry toast.

Missouri state health officials attempted to place the home in emergency receivership in July. The agency backed down after food deliveries resumed. Yet, in August, inspectors made the discovery that residents were not getting medicines needed for congestive heart failure, epilepsy, and schizophrenia. The pharmacy bills had not been paid in months.

On September 13th, the state closed the nursing home. This is a rare step for the state to take. All 60 residents were relocated to other facilities.

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