Scabies Outbreak in Illinois

The close confines and open common rooms can make nursing homes breeding grounds for communicable conditions.  If proper procedures to confine the outbreaks of certain illnesses are not taken, such conditions can infect many of the residents.  When this happens, the nursing home can be cited for failing to enact those procedures.

A Woodstock, Illinois nursing home was inspected by state agencies. They found that the nursing home’s lack of infection control procedures contributed to a scabies outbreak at the facility.

Valley Hi Nursing Home, which is operated by McHenry County, did not have proper procedures in place to address skin rashes found on several residents.  The investigating agency reported that residents with visible rashes were in common areas and not isolated.  Furthermore, staff members interviewed suggested that the outbreak began several months before it was reported.

The outbreak was first reported on June 30 to the McHenry County Department of Health.  They are also conducting an investigation.  Five residents have been clinically confirmed as having Norwegian Scabies.

One patient’s son says that his mother had a rash since January that was only confirmed as scabies in June.  Several other residents and staff members have rashes that have not been confirmed as scabies but are being treated as such.

State health code requires all nursing and immediate care facilities to report “all incidents of scabies and other skin infestations.”

Valley Hi Nursing Home was required to submit a plan of action by August 8.  Deficiencies must be corrected by September 3rd.  It is still to be determined the next steps, such as any fines the nursing home may face.

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