Scabies Found in Nursing Home

Nursing homes, like schools and dormitories, are infamous for the spread of viral and bacterial disease. This isn’t always due to cleanliness, but primarily due to the housing of many people together in a small space. Along with viral and bacterial infections, other transferable illnesses can be spread.

A Wilmington, Massachusetts nursing home is back in the news again after an outbreak of scabies in their dementia ward. The outbreak occurred at a Synergy Health Center facility known as Woodbriar Health Center.

This outbreak is at the same nursing home where a patient died on December 27th after improperly being transferred via mechanical lift.

Additionally, Synergy Health Centers owns 10 nursing homes in Massachusetts. They have recently come under scrutiny amid allegations of substandard care.

The families of about 40 Woodbriar patients were notified that one of the patients had tested positive for scabies. As part of a precautionary measure, all residents are being treated for the condition with oral medication.

No other residents have tested positive for the condition.

Scabies is a microscopic mite that burrows under the upper layer of the skin. It causes intense itching and a pimple like rash. The condition can take as long as six weeks before symptoms appear in a person who has never had scabies. It is spread through prolonged skin-to-skin contact, primarily, but can also be spread through clothing and bed sheets.

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