Ribbon Campaign Raises Awareness about Elder Abuse

As the population begins to live longer, the instances of elder abuse are increasing. Even with the number on the rise, it is still estimated that many cases of elder abuse go unreported. One of the suspected reasons for this is because most abuse occurs at the hands of family members.

Vera House, Inc. is continuing to try and raise awareness on the topic of elder abuse with its month-long white ribbon campaign.

Jenny Hicks, the project coordinator for Vera House’s later in life abuse programs, says that the understanding of elder abuse is still in the early stages. Hicks also states that as the baby boomer generation continues to age, the incidence of elder abuse is also on the rise.

Onondaga County had fewer than 100 cases of elder abuse reported just five years ago. Last year, there were 243 cases reported.

Elder abuse can take many forms, including verbal, physical, and sexual abuse as well as neglect. Financial elder abuse is also a very common form of abuse that takes place, according to Hicks.

Hicks estimates that for every case that is reported, another 35 cases go unreported. About 90% of all abuse takes place at the hands of family members. Hicks says that the reason many of the cases go unreported is because the victims may feel ashamed or are trapped in the relationship. Many elders depend on the family members for care. They also do not report the abuse because they often do not want their loved ones to be in trouble.

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