Resident Fight in Dementia Unit Raises Security Questions

Recently, it was reported that some of the abuse suffered by residents in nursing homes are inflicted not by staff, but by other residents. This was proven to be the case in a recent incident at a Buffalo nursing home, although the facility is rated poorly on a government website.

On Friday, August 26th, a resident at Emerald South Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center mistakenly wandered into a male resident’s room. Both patients were in the dementia unit. 82-year-old Ruth Murray suffered a severe beating at the time of the incident.

Murray was inflicted with a broken neck, several broken ribs, a broken nose, facial fractures and a collapsed lung during the incident.

The nursing home, owned by Judy Landa and Barry Jeremias through a company called Opal Care LLC, is rated at a 1 of 5 in measures used by federal and state agencies to rate nursing homes.

State Health Department data reveals a high number of deficiencies and complaints at Emerald South. Between August 2012 and July 2016, the facility generated 151.8 complaints per 100 occupied beds. The statewide average is 41 complaints per 100 beds. The health department visited Emerald South nine times in the last four years. 149 citations were issued, which is more than four times the state average.

Attorneys representing the Murray family are conducting their own investigation and do expect legal action.

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