Pressure Sores Lead to Death According to Lawsuit

Nursing homes and care facilities take responsibility for their residents.  At times, these facilities can be understaffed, making providing adequate care to all residents an impossibility.  When this leads to abuse or neglect, these facilities can find themselves facing a lawsuit.

After his death, the estate of a Stanton man is suing a Richmond nursing home.  The suit alleges grave injuries that ultimately led to his death.

Madison County Circuit Court records show that Judy Barnett, of Winchester, is suing Madison Health and Rehabilitation Center and their affiliated companies in her capacity as the administrator of the estate of Donald Shelton.

Shelton, a retired handyman, passed away at Baptist Health in Richmond at age 78.

Previously a resident of Stanton Nursing and Rehabilitation Center before being hospitalized at St. Joseph Mt. Sterling for three days.  After being discharged, he was sent for long-term care to Madison Health and Rehabilitation.

Stanton developed respiratory distress and sepsis, he was discharged from Madison to Baptist Health where he died the following day.

Court documents allege that when Stanton was admitted to Madison, he had a pressure sore on his right buttock and a deep tissue wound on his left heel.  The complaint alleges that the staff at Madison failed to reposition Stanton often enough to prevent further damage from pressure sores.

When he was admitted to Baptist Health, he had two pressure sores where muscle and bone were visible.  Additionally, his genitals were black and necrotic.

During the eight days he was a resident at Madison, the complaint alleges that Stanton was not bathed nor given oral hygiene.

The complaint further alleges that staffing issues were the main cause of the neglect in Stanton’s case.

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