Pressure Sores are Dangerous and can Kill

Bed sores are an unfortunate reality for nursing homes. Also known as pressure ulcers, these wounds form when a patient lies in one position too long and the pressure causes the skin to form an abscess. Pressure sores can be prevented by nursing home staff shifting or moving patients unable to do so themselves. However, on nursing home is being sued by two families who say that pressure sores led to the deaths of their relatives, as reports.

Not only are the two families suing James Square nursing home; the home is also under criminal investigation by the state Attorney General’s office.

Tammy LaForce  was calling James Square nursing home every two hours to remind them to turn her father to prevent his bed sores from becoming worse. Curt LaForce, a Navy veteran, died from complications relating to bed sores according to his death certificate. When he was hospitalized in 2015 for a urinary tract infection, doctors noted severe bed sores on his buttocks, heels, and scrotum.

LaForce was not the only victim to die from complications relating to bed sores. 72-year-old Carolyn Robb had been admitted to James Square in February of 2015 for short-term rehabilitation. Within 10 weeks, she had developed severe bed sores. By May, she was dead.

James Square was cited by the state Health Department for the facility’s treatment of bed sores.

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