Pressure Sore on Broken Leg Leads to Lawsuit

Whether you loved one is admitted to a nursing home for short term or long term care, you expect that care to be the best. However, there are times when the kind of care that is expected is not provided. Cases of nursing home abuse and neglect are on the rise, leading to a rise in abuse and neglect complaints.

A man claiming to have suffered life-threatening injuries at a Fremont nursing home has filed suit against the facility.

Mark Sandholdt, a Hayward resident, has had his attorneys file suit against Windsor Country Drive Care Center. In the suit, his attorneys allege that the facility neglected their client and wrote a fraudulent letter to his insurance company stating that he was refusing treatment. This letter subsequently led to the carrier dropping his coverage.

His attorneys state that during his stay at the facility, the staff repeatedly ignored his needs and harassed him regarding money that was not owed.

The lawsuit was filed on April 4th in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The lawsuit makes claims of elder abuse, financial abuse, negligence, and negligent hiring and supervision at the facility.

Sandholdt, 60, has been at home since March 11, when he was discharged from Windsor County Drive Care Center. He had been transferred to the facility following surgery for a fractured right leg. At the time of admission, Sandholdt suffered from diabetes and nerve damage.

While in the care of the facility, in January, the cast was removed from his leg and replaced with a leg brace. Staff placed the brace so tightly and with so much force that his leg developed a pressure sore.

In February, Sandholdt was placed on a new physical therapy machine. He was able to take 17 steps. In his second session, the staff member charged with helping Sandholdt was inexperienced. The belt used in the session was tightened too tightly, causing his catheter to break.

After this, the facility allegedly concocted a cover-up, including having staff members write a fraudulent letter to Sandholdt’s insurance company stating that he was uncooperative with rehabilitation. After receiving the letter, the insurance company terminated his coverage and refused to continue paying for his stay in the facility.

After this, Sandholdt’s attorneys allege that the staff of the facility threatened him with eviction if he did not pay $40,000. They also allege that the facility contacted his wife, telling her he would be evicted if they did not receive a payment of $17,000 within two days.

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