Plea Deal Reached in Theft Case Against Elderly

Elder abuse includes physical, emotional and mental abuse, as well as neglect. There is another form of elder abuse called financial elder abuse, that might be harder to spot or recognize. Financial elder abuse can result in charges of theft if caught.

A New Jersey politician has been sentenced to four years in state prison. This sentence comes due to a plea deal reached with Cape May County prosecutors in which Robert Greco, Jr., agreed to a probationary sentence as long as he made full restitution to the victim.

Robert Greco, Jr., was previously the leader of the Republican Party in Cumberland County, NJ. At the same time, Greco owned and operated a nursing home. This is where Greco stole the life savings of one of his residents. The facility where the theft occurred was the East Creek Manor Residential Health Care Facility.

Greco admitted to convincing the victim, whose name was not mentioned, into signing power of attorney over to Greco. Greco then used $139,000 taken from the man’s bank accounts to pay business expenses.

When Greco did not meet the terms of his plea agreement and pay back the money that had been stolen, he was taken into custody. Greco was taken into custody last month.

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