Pennsylvania Attorney General Investigating Nursing Home Chain

If the problems at a nursing home get bad enough, the state may investigate it for criminal neglect of the elderly or other criminal charges. The fallout from these investigations can lead to many lawsuits against the nursing home. One nursing home chain in Pennsylvania is in a lot of hot water for just this reason.

The Attorney General of Pennsylvania has been investigating 14 Golden Living nursing homes in the state. Two more were just added to the list. Over 350 complaints have been filed in the homes for a variety of offenses including understaffing, lack of food and water, and unhygenic conditions. Golden Living is vigorously denying the complaints and say that the Attorney General’s investigation is without merit.

If the complaints are substantiated they will be given a chance to fix the problems before further charges are made, but that may not be enough for some residents, especially if their loved one died or was injured as a result of negligence by staff.

When nursing homes fail to uphold their duty of care, it puts lives at risk and tarnished the dignity of their patients. You don’t have to put up with a nursing home that abuses its residents. Call Schenk Law Trail Attorneys for a free consultation about your situation. We specialize in elder abuse and personal injury cases. We can help, but only if you call us.