Patient Assault Caught On Tape In Florida

Nursing home abuse and neglect could have many sources, from employees to other residents. In fact, as many as one out of every five nursing home residents suffers from threats of abuse or abuse from other residents. While nursing homes should have protocols in place to prevent this kind of abuse, understaffing and undertrained staff can often lead to such incidents happening. CNN reports on one nursing home where a patient assaulting another resident was caught on tape.

The Good Samaritan Retirement Home in Williston has a history of violations. It also has had more sanctions in the past five years than any other assisted living facility in Florida.

On October 3rd, video caught a 52-year-old resident assaulting another resident, 86, who had a history of dementia. The younger patient punched the older man more than 50 times as he lay curled on the floor.

At the time of the beating, there was no staff in the locked unit and no one assigned to surveil the video footage. By the time staff arrived, the beating was over and the victim was hospitalized with bruising and swelling of his face and hip pain.

According to police, the instigator in the beating had suffered a traumatic brain injury.

A month following the beating, a woman in the care of the facility fell and hit her head, but was not immediately taken to the hospital. She later died from her injuries.

Nenita Alfonso Sudeall broke down, crying, as she explained to police that she felt “overwhelmed” due to such things as being “short staffed” and additionally, having “poorly trained” staff.

The man who was the aggressor in the beating was removed temporarily from the facility but later allowed to return.

Good Samaritan has been sanctioned 17 times in the past 5 years by the state Agency for Healthcare Administration. The facility has also received fines totaling $73,750 in fines over the same period.

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