Parents Awarded over $10 Million for Son’s Death

There are two main types of damages awarded in civil cases. The first type is called actual damages. This is the monetary value of the damages in the suit. For instance, the cost of final expenses, medical bills, or lost wages. Then there are punitive damages. This is an extra fine levied on the offending party due to egregious circumstances in a case.

One family received both types of damages after a jury heard a case where they lost their son. Their 15-year-old son required full-time medical care. For the past six years he was kept in a nursing home. His family visited often. They even visited him before the day he died.

The jury believed the story told by the plaintiffs. The nursing home failed to give required medication then waited an hour before calling emergency services. Then they tried to cover it up. By saying that the nursing home was guilty for covering up the crime, the medical malpractice caps were lifted. The jury awarded the family $10.2 million dollars in compensation for their loss.

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