Paramedics Fired for Violating Patient Privacy

If there is ever a time when you should be able to trust someone, it is when you are in the care of a paramedic.  These people are trained to help save lives and when you need one, you want it to be someone trustworthy.  Unfortunately, not all people are deserving of trust, even those that we should be able to trust most.

Two Okaloosa County Florida paramedics were arrested on several felony charges on July 21st.  The arrests came after the paramedics engaged in a “selfie war” with one another.  The “selfie war” used patients, many of whom were unconscious, intubated, or sedated.

33-year-old Christopher Wimmer turned himself in following the arrest of his cohort, 24-year-old Kayla Renee Dubois.

Wimmer is facing seven felony charges and a misdemeanor battery charge.  Dubois is charged with two felonies.  Investigators released information stating that both used their cell phones to take “selfies” inside the ambulances with patients.  County officials stated that following the incident, cell phones have been banned inside ambulances.

Further investigation revealed that Wimmer held the eyelid of one patient open while capturing a picture and took yet another of an elderly woman with her breast exposed.

Social media is playing a large role in the abuse of patients.  NPR recently released a report this month detailing how many nursing home nurses and aides have been using social media apps like Snapchat to share photos of elderly patients urinating.

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