Oregon Nursing Home Sued for Death

Selecting a nursing home for an elder loved one can be a difficult process. When this time comes, we expect the place selected to give the same level of care that we would provide if we were able. Sadly, this does not always occur.

A woman from Florence, Oregon has filed a lawsuit against the facility that cared for her father.

The nearly $1-million dollar lawsuit alleges that the facility did not do enough to address the signs of dehydration and malnutrition her father suffered prior to his death.

Diane Richter, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, alleges that Regency Florence did not provide adequate response to signs of dehydration and other health concerns that led to the March 11, 2015 death of her father, Ruben J. Fast. Richter alleges that nursing home staff failed to see that his nutritional and hydration needs were met. This oversight led to the 83-year old’s death, which was caused in part by severe dehydration and kidney failure.

Fast moved into the nursing home on October 31, 2014 and lived there until nine days before he passed away. Fast entered into the nursing home after becoming unable to provide for his own basic needs.

The company that owns Regency Florence, Regency Pacific, refused to comment on the lawsuit.

Richter’s suit is seeking $500,000 for herself and two siblings for suffering due to their father’s death, $450,000 for Fast’s pain and suffering, $30,000 in medical expenses, and $1,265 for funeral costs.

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