One in Ten Elders Victimized by Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is one of the most unfortunate crimes that are seeing an annual increase in the numbers of these crimes committed. As the baby boomer generation ages, the number of elderly to prey upon increases. Financial elder abuse is one of the most common kinds of abuse, but it is underreported, according to the Huffington Post.

Bob Blancato, the President of Matz Blancato Associates and National Coordination of the Elder Justice Coalition says that for every one case of financial elder abuse that is reported, as many as five go unreported. Justice Department statistics indicate that as many as 1 in every 10 elderly people are victims of some kind of financial abuse.

Sadly, the majority of the perpetrators are family members. Though, direct mail is fast rising as a means of perpetrating fraud and other kinds of financial abuse. Many elderly believe that mail addressed directly to them should receive a response and fall victim this way.

Blancato offers these tips to protect yourself or your elderly loved one”

  • Safely store valuables when in-home visits for caregiving are needed
  • Open your own mail
  • Consider switching to electronic banking. Postal mail fraud is rising and people do steal from mailboxes. Arrange for any income being brought in to be direct deposited and for bills to be paid electronically.
  • Have advanced directives in place
  • Caregivers and family members should have access to at least monitory financial activity on the accounts of loved ones.
  • Maintain regular contact because isolation is the first step in abuse

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