Officers Need More Training in Elder Abuse Enforcement

When it comes to investigating allegations and claims of elder abuse, one of the most under-trained groups are usually the first to respond. Nine of ten police officers have no training on how to handle elder abuse cases.

These numbers come courtesy of a study out of Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas at Sam Houston State University.

A survey of Texas law enforcement leaders and training instructors indicated that of 272 officers who participated, more than half said that they had faced situations involving the elderly. They believe that they could have benefitted from training on the topic.

Of those who were surveyed on the toping, a majority said that they believed that police academies should have mandated training. They also supported having one-time training available for all sworn officers.

Texas law enforcement officers said that they would like to see further training initiatives that address such topics as:

  • Knowledge about aging
  • Understanding dementia
  • Reporting requirements for elder abuse
  • Working with Adult Protective Services
  • Investigating and Preventing elder abuse

A number of Texas cities and counties have initiated their own curriculum regarding recognizing elder abuse, including “Aging 101.”

Resources contributing to the training included the Alzheimer’s Association, LEMIT, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Adult Protective Services, the American Bar Association, and other contributors.

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