Nursing Homes Forced to take Mentally Ill Patients

One major challenge facing nursing homes is the treatment of the mentally ill. Many states have dismantled their mental health facilities. Patients that used to be in those facilities or who later develop untreatable mental health problems are often placed in nursing homes. However, nurses and CNAs aren’t always trained in how to handle mentally ill patients yet are forced to help them anyway.

An Iowa nursing home is facing scrutiny after they mistreated three mentally ill patients that were transferred to their facility after a state mental hospital closed down. One of the patients suffered a broken legs. Another one died due to the treatment they received. The third patient didn’t receive prescribed medication for six days.

Family members are furious at both the state and the nursing home for putting their relatives into an unready situation. It is unknown if any of them will file a lawsuit but the inspector’s reports on the matter will prove important if they do.

If you have a mentally ill relative and the state or an institution plans on transferring them, you should question the capabilities of the new institution. Can they handle mentally ill patients? If they cannot, say something before an incident happens. If your loved one is mistreated while in a nursing home, contact Schenk Law Trial Attorneys for a free consultation.