Nursing Home Worker Caught On Camera Neglecting Resident

The decision that we must make when we realize we can no longer care for elderly or disabled loved ones is often a hard one. Placing them into a care facility to provide the care that cannot be provided by loved ones is often a last resort action. We expect these facilities to care for them in the way that we would if we are able. One woman thought that her father might not be receiving the care he deserved. As CBS Minnesota reports, she installed a hidden camera to confirm what she thought was neglect.

94-year-old Richard Haller is a decorated World War II veteran. He is also legally blind and unable to care for himself. His daughter, Wendy Rudek, placed him in a Forest Lake nursing home.

A nurse herself, Rubek became concerned about her father’s care and installed a hidden camera in his room. What she discovered is horrible and is treatment that she says constitutes neglect.

A hidden camera captured a nurse’s aide taking the meal intended for Haller and eating it while he slept in bed. Food was also placed in his room and left there – despite him being blind and requiring assistance with eating. His clothes were not changed for three days.

The camera also captured the fact that often, her father was left without anything to drink. He drank syrup once and once reached for a lotion bottle thinking that it was something to drink.

In addition, the camera captured Haller falling out of bed. Someone found him about an hour later, but the camera also revealed that no one had been in Haller’s room to check on him in eight hours.

Rudek reported her findings to the state.

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