Nursing Home Worker Accused of Battery

Many nursing and care homes have a rigorous screening process when hiring staff. Because these facilities care for some of the most vulnerable patients, they must have processes in place. There are always chances, however, that a person can slip through the cracks and be hired when they shouldn’t have been.

In Syracuse, New York, a certified nurse’s aide at a nursing home is facing serious charges.

36-year-old Samantha Grover was accused by authorities of hitting an 87-year-old patient and pushing him. The patient suffered damage to his shoulder. Grover then lied about the incident.

Grover was an aide at James Square Health and Rehabilitation Center. She was arraigned last Tuesday. She is facing felony charges of falsifying business records and endangering the welfare of an incompetent or severely disabled person. She also faces misdemeanor charges of willful violation of health laws. She was released on her own recognizance after pleading not guilty.

The alleged incident took place on October 17th and was witnessed by others. They reported the incident to the facility’s administration. When questioned about the incident, Grover allegedly lied about what happened.

Grover had been working for the facility for four years. She no longer works at James Square.

The victim in the assault, who has not been identified, suffered impingement syndrome of the right shoulder with rotator cuff strain.

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