Nursing Home Residents in Harvey Rescued

Often, when people find something that outrages them, they turn to social media to post about it. There have been times where conditions in a nursing home have been exposed through this venue. This has often led to the perpetrators facing justice. However, it is not always justice that is being sought. Sometimes, a person is merely seeking help. WRIC Channel 8 News reports on a photo that went viral during Hurricane Harvey and let to nursing home residents getting the help they needed.

If you were anywhere near social media during the disaster of Hurricane Harvey, you probably saw the photo. It depicted several nursing home residents waiting to be rescued in waist deep water. Thankfully, due to going viral on social media, the photo got the residents the help they desperately needed.

La Vita Bella nursing home in Dickinson, Texas, is run by Kim McIntosh’s mother. On Sunday morning, McIntosh received a photo from her mother showing the nursing home’s residents in waist-high water. She tried calling for help, but first-responders were inundated with rescues.

It was McIntosh’s husband, Tim, who tweeted out the photo, hoping to get the residents some help. Within a few hours, rescuers arrived, pulling the 15 residents and three nurses at the facility to safety.

The residents are now in temporary facilities and are doing well.

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