Nursing Home Resident Dropped from Lift

A Florida nursing home, along with its parent company, are being sued for in the death of an 84-year-old resident. The resident was dropped three feet and suffered a head injury along with injuries to her legs and hips that eventually led to her death according to the lawsuit.

Eleanor Rooney Corrado was in the care of two employees of the Timber Ridge Heath Care Center when they dropped her from a mechanical lift 12 days after she was admitted to the facility.

Corrado suffered a head injury and fractures to her leg and hip in the three-foot fall. The employees were using a mechanical lift to transfer Corrado from her bed to a chair in October of 2015. This is according to a lawsuit filed on behalf of her husband, Ernest Corrado.

Corrado was admitted to a hospital for her injuries, but she died 12 hours later. The cause of death was listed as cardio-respiratory arrest with complications from a hip/pelvic fracture and fall from lift device.

Corrado spent approximately 40 years in the nursing field before her retirement in 1995.

The lawsuit indicates that Corrado’s life-expectancy was cut short seven years due to the negligence of Timber Ridge Health Care Center and its employees. The lawsuit further alleges that the facility failed to maintain professional standards and failed to adhere to regulations regarding delivery of support services.

The lawsuit is seeking damages in excess of $75,000 related to loss of retirement and social security benefits as well as related costs.

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