Nursing Home Manager Sentenced to 20 Years for Exploitation

The elderly are at  risk for being victims of  many different kinds of abuse and neglect.  Even when care is taken in choosing a facility for our elderly loved ones, instances of this can still occur.  Financial elder abuse is one of the kinds of elder abuse that can happen.

The former manager of an Oklahoma City nursing home has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for exploiting elderly residents at the nursing home she managed.

Amy Gustina Klimkowski admitted that her gambling addiction led to her stealing more than  $130,000 from three residents for her personal use.  Klimkowski was the manager at Windsor Hills Nursing Center.

Klimkowski, who is 45, of Nacodoches, Texas, pleaded guilty in March in Oklahoma County District Court to three felony counts of financial exploitation.  She also pleaded guilty to eight felony counts of obtaining money under false pretenses and two misdemeanor counts of the same charge.

In her plea paperwork, Klimkowski stated that she is receiving psychological counseling for “compulsive gambling disorder.”

Klimkowski was sentenced by district judge Cindy Truong on Wednesday, May 25.  The judge also ordered Klimkowski to pay $124,111 in restitution.

Court records indicate that Klimkowski’s position at the facility gave her access to resident’s personal records, allowing her to steal from them.  Prosecutors allege that the thefts began as early as July 2010.

Some of the stolen funds were used to pay Klimkowski’s utility bills and car insurance.  Prosecutors did not reveal how much of the stolen money had been spent on gambling.

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