Nursing Home Hit with Lawsuit after Years of Violations

One of the things that we look for when evaluating an elder abuse case is patterns. If a facility has a pattern of poor patient care, that lends strength to the case. Here’s a nursing home in California that appears to be falling into this category.

A family whose relative died in a nursing home in San Pablo, California is suing the home for a pattern of abuse, neglect, and fraud. The suit alleges several things:

* Doesn’t meet state-mandated staffing ratios.

* Does not create proper care plans for patients.

* Did not tell the family or the state after their loved one fell and broke their hip.

* Didn’t send the patient to the hospital until a day later after the fall.

* Lack of training.

* Inadequate monitoring of high-risk patients.

* Number of daily hours of skilled nursing care and therapy far below state standards.

This isn’t their first go-round with the law either. The state has fined this facility six times for violations ranging from injured and killed patients to stolen medical records. If state fines of up to $250,000 aren’t enough to get the facility to change their ways, perhaps a multi-million dollar lawsuit will do it.

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