Nursing Home Fights Social Media Elder Abuse Claim

Social media outlets like Snapchat and Facebook have been at the center of much controversy in cases of elder abuse. While nursing homes do their best to ensure that they hire compassionate, law-abiding people, there are times when someone thinks something is funny and snaps a picture or video and uploads it. In the cases of nursing home patients, this can be a violation of their privacy and in some cases, be considered elder abuse. One nursing home in Illinois is fighting a fine imposed due to such actions, as reports.

The Meadows Mennonite Home in Chenoa, Illinois is defending its actions and fighting a fine imposed by a state agency as a result of the home not protecting its residents.

The home released a statement indicating that the person who posted inappropriate media of residents of the home on social media is not affiliated with the nursing facility. Also mentioned in the statement was an investigation by the McLean Country Sheriff’s department into the actions of two former employees regarding their role in the alleged abuse.

Meadows Mennonite House also mentioned that as soon as they learned of the social media posts, they contacted the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Sheriff’s Department as soon as they learned of the abusive media posts.

The home is contesting a $25,000 fine imposed by the public health department. The fine was imposed following their investigation into the incident.

The nursing home went on to say that they are conducting their own investigation.

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