Nursing Home Employee Convicted of Stealing $170,000 From Patients

When we place our elder family members into a nursing home, we are entrusting their care to the staff of that facility. Most facilities have systems in place to prevent the hiring of people convicted of some misdemeanors and most felonies. However, some employees have no criminal background until they come to the facility.

In Pittsfield, Massachusettes, a woman has been convicted of stealing about $170,000 from patients at the nursing home that employed her.

Debora Goyette was employed by the Hillcrest Commons Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. In the course of her duties for the facility, she had oversight of patient accounts. She also established the system through which residents purchased items that they wanted.

Goyette was employed by the facility from 2009 and 2012. During this time, she stole from patient accounts a sum of approximately $170,000.

Goyette’s attorney attempted to argue for a lighter sentence for the client. Had it succeeded, Goyette would have received a lighter two year sentence. One year would be served and the next year would be served as part of probation. However, the judge sentenced Goyette up to four years in jail.

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