Nursing Home Death Due To Candy, Lawsuit Filed

Residents of nursing homes often have needs that are time-consuming for staff members. Some patients require around the clock observation, especially when eating to prevent incidents of choking. The Chicago Tribune reports that one nursing home failed to provide this critical observation for a patient, leading to her death and a wrongful death lawsuit.

89-year-old Christine Young had only been residing at Symphony of Morgan Park, then known as Renaissance Park South, for five months when she died. Her death, alleges her niece, was due to lack of supervision on behalf of the nursing home staff. Young choked to death on a piece of hard candy and suffered cardiac arrest from which she did not recover.

Young’s niece has brought forth a lawsuit against the facility claiming that the nursing home “failed to supervise [Young] while she was eating to observe, identify, and prevent choking incidents.” The lawsuit further alleges that the facility “failed to oversee a comprehensive assessment of [Young’s] needs” as well as “failed to develop an up-to-date resident care plan” for the resident.

The lawsuit names two nursing home administrators, and the director and assistant director of nursing. Representatives from the nursing home did not respond to requests for comment.

The suit did not make it clear just how Young obtained a piece of hard candy, however, she did keep a bag of the candy at her bedside. Young was blind and needed assistance to get a piece. It is not clear whether she obtained a piece of candy herself or was given the piece by an employee or visitor.

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