Nursing Aid Charged with Exploitation of the Elderly

When it comes to the care of our elder loved ones, we always want to make sure that they are safe. Whether they are on their own, living with loved ones, or in a care facility, our first most thought is their care. Unfortunately, there are things we cannot control that occur within care facilities.

In Pinellas Park, Florida, a woman is accused of exploiting one of her elderly charges. The woman was employed by the nursing home where the woman she was caring for resided.

Suleyka Santos-Nieves is 27 years old. A resident of Pinellas Park, she was arrested on New Year’s Eve for allegedly using a patient’s debit and credit cards. She used these cards for personal transactions in November in December. The amount of the charges totaled $210.

Nieves was employed at the Gulf Shore Rehabilitation and Nursing Facility at the time of the alleged incident. The name of the victim was not released.

Nieves has been released upon meeting the $5,000 bond.

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