Nurses Allegedly Fired for Whistleblowing on Elder Abuse

The Virginian Pilot reports that three employees are suing a nursing home because they did the right thing.

Three nurse’s assistants previously employed at a Virginia nursing home are claiming that they were suspended and later fired to attempt to persuade them from reporting patient abuse to authorities. The three assistants also claim that in a statement to the Virginian Pilot that the same nursing home defamed them. They have sued the nursing home and are seeking damages.

It all began when three assistants who worked the night shift claimed that they witnessed two nurses tying patients down to their wheelchairs using bedsheets.

Former resident Alice Mackey and her daughter allege the same in a separate lawsuit. They say that nurses Pamela H. Myers and Ramona L. Bishop tied the woman to her wheelchair and injected her with a narcotic sedative.

On the night of May 12, Earlene Boone-Hill and Angela Benbow say that they witnessed two nurses tie residents to wheelchairs with bedsheets in an effort to restrain them. Melissa King says that she also witnessed the residents being restrained.

The three assistants reported what they saw to facility administrators. They were later suspended and then fired. Afterwards, in a statement to the Virginian Pilot, the director of admissions and community awareness, Victoria Walker, claimed that the staff members were “trying to get a supervisor into trouble.”

The three former staff members are suing for defamation and seeking $2.75 million each.

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