New Revelations in Hollywood Nursing Home Case

In the aftermath of hurricane Irma, a Florida nursing home became the center of controversy when several residents died of heat-related issues after power went out at the facility, causing the air-conditioning to go out. This prompted swift action from Florida governor Rick Scott, who signed emergency protocols requiring nursing homes to have backup generators capable of powering air conditioning in the event of a power outage. Now, new details are emerging where paramedics made several trips to the facility before it was evacuated. The Sun-Sentinel reports on the new revelations in the ongoing case.

Rescue crews were in and out of the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills in the days before several residents succumbed to heat-related issues. Crews were inside the facility on Monday, then again on Tuesday, and twice on Wednesday before calling for an evacuation.

Those who responded and what they saw inside the nursing home where 12 residents died has been the subject to a deposition.

One member of those emergency crews testified before a nursing home attorney answered “I do not recall” to many of the questions posed.

When Lt. Amy Parrinello was asked whether crews recognized that other residents were in danger, she stated the crews had a singular focus: transporting the patient who was the subject of the 911 call to the hospital.

The depositions were given to an attorney fighting the state’s revocation of the facility’s license. The state alleges in its complaint that residents were exposed to excessive heat, which led to the deaths of several residents.

Temperatures inside the nursing home climbed to 99, according to law enforcement.

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