New Bill In Georgia Would Require Better Background Checks For Nursing Homes

There are some professions that a person would expect there to be thorough background checks in order to become employed in these industries. The military, police, some governmental positions, education – these are all careers which usually require background checks. However, most employees of Georgia nursing homes only have to undergo a name check that provides only information if crimes have been committed in the state. McKnight’s Senior Living reports on a new bill in Georgia that would require more thorough background checks for nursing home employees.

The Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform said in an 82-page report given to Governor Nathan Deal that 25,000 employees in 10 different categories only had to undergo name background checks.

Under a new bill proposed by the state senate, more thorough background checks would be required of all employees of assisted living communities as well as those who come into direct contact with residents. The same background checks would be required on applicants applying for similar jobs.

Under SB 406, employers would be required to submit fingerprints to the national FBI database along with searching state and national databases of criminal databases. The nurse’s aide database would also need to be searched as required. Another requirement would be to search the state sexual offender registry.

These new procedures would be in effect for caregivers, housekeepers, maintenance workers, dieticians as well as volunteers who have similar duties to paid personnel.

If passed, the law would go into effect on October 1, 2019.