Tips on Selecting the Best Nursing Home for Your Loved One

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home can be difficult. In 2012 the National Center on Elder Abuse reported over 5 million cases of nursing home neglect and abuse in the country. The vast majority of these involved physical abuse or neglect. It is imperative that family members monitor their loved ones while they are under the care of nursing home staff.

Before you decide on any long term care facility you should consider several factors:

What is your immediate impression walking in?

  • How does it smell? Remember that nursing homes are similar to hospitals and may have a slight “hospital” smell. However, if the smell of waste or urine is noticeable it is a possible indication of low staffing levels and neglect.
  • Are the residents out? Residents of the nursing home should not spend all day in their rooms. A good nursing home will have residents out talking and playing games and activities.
  • Does the staff seem friendly? While working at the nursing home is one of the hardest jobs there is, a good nursing home employee should still be friendly and approachable.

Have there been complaints against the home in the past?

  • You can easily Google various resources for looking up complaints against a particular nursing home. Many state resources will also offer information on state inspections conducted on nursing homes.
  • Ask around. When visiting the home ask family members you meet or residents what their experience has been.

And, of course, gut instinct.

  • You wouldn’t entrust your children to a day care that gave you a bad vibe. Trust your instincts when visiting the home and talking with people. If something seems off, keep looking.

Will Smith worked as a nursing assistant for eight years in various nursing homes in the state of Georgia. This experience provided him with understanding of what families go through while a loved one is in a nursing home.

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