Anti-Psychotic Medication Use Down


One major concern about nursing homes is the use of anti-psychotic medication. These drugs do have their uses in patients with mental illness, but some facilities have used them for off-label purposes or to control behavior. The government has been taking steps to reduce the number of anti-psychotic medication prescriptions, and the numbers are promising.

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the number of patients receiving anti-psychotic medication has dropped by a fifth, down to 18.7 percent. This class of drugs is very expensive, so the CMS has been keen on making sure only people who really need these drugs get them and encouraging non-drug therapies. Efforts are continuing by the government and by nursing groups to reduce the amount of drugs used.

Sometimes drugs are used for off-label purposes. This is when a drug is used to treat something it wasn’t originally tested for. Many drugs used off-label are safe, but using anti-psychotics to control a patient’s lucid behavior is not. If you suspect that anti-psychotic drugs are being used improperly in your facility, collect as much data as you can then contact Schenk Nursing Home Abuse Law. We can help you file an elder abuse case against the nursing home if the evidence warrants action. Call today for a free consultation.