Neglect Lawsuit Awards $18 Million to Family

One of the most common complaints against a nursing home is neglect. Neglect happens when a care provider doesn’t meet the standard of care. Elderly people have needs that must be met in order to keep good health even as they decline. While no one can stop death from happening, there are many things that can be done to help someone live their final years in dignity.

One family just won an $18 million lawsuit against a nursing home for what they did to their loved one. At the age of 89, she entered the nursing home in question, and five years later she died at the age of 94. You could say that this was perfectly natural, but when she passed away she was in horrid condition.

She developed horrible bedsores that were so deep they exposed nerve endings, and she got repeated infections from them. They also kept her in adult diapers for far longer than necessary because the nursing home wanted to save money. Because they didn’t encourage their patient to move, she lost the use of her arms and legs, and she also developed bad skin rashes.

It only took eight days for a jury to return a judgment in this case. In egregious cases like this one, the settlement of a lawsuit can happen very quickly, but elderly people should not be placed in such conditions in the first place. Check up on your loved ones regularly and look for signs of elder abuse. Talk to them about their treatment. If you find any problems, speak with an attorney who is skilled with nursing home abuse cases, like Schenk Law Trial Attorneys. We can help.