More CNA Abuse from New York

Egregious stories of nursing home abuse do make the news, and that’s a good thing. People should be informed about what goes on in these facilities when workers don’t follow their duty of care to the utmost.

Three caregivers in New York were fired from Peninsula Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and arrested after security cameras recorded what they did to one patient. The 51-year-old in question was suffering from mental illness and a physically debilitating condition. He fell out on the floor and was left there for 12 minutes.

A CNA grabbed the man by the arm and dragged him back to the room. A half hour later, according to the court and the cameras, he had a severe injury to his jaw and was bleeding from the back of the head. Nurses who saw the man ignored him for 20 minutes. The man who dragged him before eventually came over, twisted the hospital gown around the wounded elder’s neck, and dragged him back to the room.

All workers involved in the incident have been fired or resigned from the facility. They were also charged with various crimes.

It is quite possible that this man still has living relatives. They would be well within their rights to sue the individuals who caused such damage to their loved one, and possibly the facility too. If you have a loved one that has suffered under similar circumstances by a nursing home, seek help. Call Schenk Law Trial Lawyers. We can help put a stop this kind of activity and get you the compensation you need to move your loved one to a nursing home that cares.